About Us

We ask the right questions to:

  • Identify and prioritize the client’s current requirements or problems of greatest concern. Determine expansion, downsizing or relocation needs.
  • Spend significant time working with the selection team to identify the key stake holders priorties.

We listen carefully to the answers in order to:

  • Determine the client’s expectation of the tenant representation process.
  • Determine and assess the client’s long and short-term goals Provide a property evaluation matrix based on key team priorities. Use matrix to qualify available properties in the marketplace.

We provide years of experience, Professionalism, Integrity and hands-on service to:

  • Analyze current lease
  • Contract renewal vs. relocation options
  • Evaluate, plan and quantify future occupancy costs

We provide comprehensive market data to:

  • Track direct and sublease space availability
  • Track Proposed buildings and those under construction and rehabilitation
  • Have rates, operating expenses, incentive packages, access, parking, and tenant improvement allowances

We become the client’s adhoc real estate department and advocate:

  • Hands-on service We maximize corporate “leanness” space efficiency and profitability
  • We save time for the client’s staff
  • We provide objectivity and freedom from internal corporate pressures
  • We provide anonymity or confidentiality as the client requires

If the client’s main business is not real estate, we free up their time while we provide the research, “Leg Work” and analysis.

Please give us a call at 913-685-4100 or
send an email to elaine@ddirealty.com or kathyw@ddirealty.com
We look forward to talking with you.