Buildings for Lease

DDI Commercial was a vertical integration of a business model. It began as a way to capture a portion of fees as the work was completed on a project.

It has evolved into a company that supports and recognizes both sides of a leasing transaction – the cost of the Landlord/Owner and the value of the customer/tenant. It is a rare combination.

The ability to deliver a “fair” lease transaction and to follow it through to conclusion with continued follow-up is rewarding to our company.

We try (and more often than not succeed) in matching the tenant and landlord to the space. The destinations of need, which are identifiable, cover a wide spectrum.

DDI Commercial representation on either side of a lease transaction or both is done with mutual respect and trust.

Opportunities in business occur instantly or over time with thoughtful deliberations. Patience by both parties, if positioned well, allow the best possible equitable transaction and long term relationships.

896 — 3,026 SF of Office Space in Overland Park, KS Available

Legend: * fully leased property

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